Sunday, August 3, 2008

Contest for Youth Head - Hotbeds for Corruption

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UMNO youth wing is soon becoming the hotspot with the imminent contest for the top position with the departure of Hishamuddin Husein from the helm of the movement.

Meetings with the aspiring contenders or their agents are exciting, action-packed and enthralling.
Khairy Jamaluddin is obviously going to be at the fore front in securing nominations for the youth head because of his father-in-law/son-in-law relationship with the Prime Minister.

Some came to me claiming that the cash and notes have dripped down to the divisional youth heads and his agents and the fight for the youth head can be the hotbed for seriously corrupt money politics.

It’s so advantaged to be married to the Prime Minister’s daughter as it so smooth to get what we want to have.

I am too old to think of having another wife and to be married to the PM’s daughter, but even if I try to propose the PM does not have any other daughter than the one married to Khairy.

Even if he has another one to propose, it is very odd for me to have a father-in-law who is just fractionally older then me.

Khairy is good in investing for his future and the investment so far earns him good dividends and sharp rise in the ‘stock’ he holds.

Among the competitors for Khairy are Datuk Zahidi, Dato’ Mukhriz Mahathir and Dato’ Seri Mohd Khir Toyo who don’t have father-in-laws who were the Prime Minister of the country.

Other than Mukhriz, the other 2 come from an ordinary family who crafted their names in politic by themselves without resting their laurels through the names and status of their parents or their in-laws.

I am more tending to choose a youth leader who comes from an ordinary family as he is easy to be with and understands the problems and idiosyncrasies of the younger generations.

The biological sons of our great leaders has proven to be ineffective and contribute too tiny to the party as they were not used to going through rough life.

They tend to be relatively aloof and understand too little about what sufferings mean.
We can see living example of these kind of leaders:- Najib, Hishamuddin, Taufek Ismail and quite a number more who are all ineffectual and crash before taking off.

They were lifted to high positions because of the names and decorations of their fathers and had never had the actual feel of the people on the ground.

Hishamuddin has not performed well as the head of youth wings as he has not been able to appreciate the problems of the younger generation who face mountable tribulations in life especially so in time of economic recessions.

I trust Mukhriz is a potential failure if he becomes the successor to Hishamuddin.
We will be able to assess Mukhriz ability to lead once his father is no more living as he is seen just as the spokesman for his father.

Khir Toyo has to do a lot of refining job as he has a stigma of being a vulnerable MB for Selangor which I hate to elaborate.

As for Khairy, he does not even know what UMNO is all about as he was not even bred in this country. This boy became ‘well-known’ only after he ‘courted’ the PM’s daughter whom he finally wed.

I was convinced by many in Rembau that he has called for the committee meeting only once since he became the youth head for that division.

He would be accompanied by large group of big bikers and fleet of flashy cars and please agree with me that is too ‘unMalay’ to be fitted within UMNO.

This culture is definitely a new ethnicity which we generally called as ‘Mat Rempit’ cultural revolution.

So now we are left with Datuk Zahidi, who hails from tiny state of Perlis, a self-made and budding politician who is very casual in his interactions with friends and foes in politics.

He has brief experience in the government and long occurrence with UMNO politics and surely he is a very forgiving character for the old and the young.

I have strong basis to say that he is relatively the most reconciliatory candidate among the four aspirants that the youth should consider to lead the movement.

In a day or two I may have the time and space to write a bit of elaboration on this likeable man who has everything averaged down and lead relatively simple life.

Thanks…………………………………Aspan Alias


Perantau. said...

Publishing your own letter, Zahidi? Suara akar umbi you said? Or was it your own?

Anonymous said...

Lagi mau tanya ka???DZZA just lampirkan apa yang dikatakan orang lain...

perfectwater said...

Aku nak rujuk kepada pernyataan ini
"Hishamuddin has not performed well as the head of youth wings as he has not been able to appreciate the problems of the younger generation who face mountable tribulations in life especially so in time of economic recessions."

aku rasa faktor utama yang menyebabkan dia gagal dalam memahami Pemuda MELAYU khususnya dalam Pergerakan Pemuda UMNO Malaysia ialah dia bukan org melayu tulen kerana asalnya terlalu dekat keturunannya dengan Turki (bukan lagi setakat bau bacang) harap2 dia bukan geng Kamal Attaturk sudahlah.... minta simpang la....) sebab itulah kita lihat selama pemudaumnomalaysia di bawah pimpinannya, taida apa yang boleh dibanggakan selain menghunus keris setiap kali Perhimpunan Agung UMNO dan memohon maaf selepas orang di luar tak puas hati walaupun pada awalnya dilihat tegas mempertahankan perbuatannya...PONDAN pun tak lembik macam tu...tak tau la...malang MALAYSIA nie ada seorang pemimpin lagu ni...